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flaunt Aimbotter

Post your evidence of a cheater in here.

flaunt Aimbotter

Postby Disruptor » 30 Oct 2011, 13:35

Come now tell me its not an aimbotter. Mailed the demo to ID for them to try and see what other accounts he is using.
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Re: flaunt Aimbotter

Postby S1ck » 31 Oct 2011, 09:10

hahaha love the way it locks with that lg shot for the entertainment.
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Re: flaunt Aimbotter

Postby themuffinman » 31 Oct 2011, 20:40

Lol yeah nothing subtle about that hack. The problem is that you can't get rid of hackers since it's easy to change IP and/or start a new account. We're just lucky that with our small community we don't get many of them unlike on overseas servers where it's a usual thing.

Besides the lack of cheat detection in this game you can't even properly kick a player from a server since you can easily /reconnect when the game has begun and nobody will be able to kick you for the remainder of the match. Still in that situation where a cheater outright ruins a game everyone should just spectate to end the match then kick him after. After a few times of doing that he might be discouraged.
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Re: flaunt Aimbotter

Postby saturnz » 02 Nov 2011, 04:01

In a roundabout way it was hinted by a player I was dueling that I cheat as well when he questioned my movement but my aim and timing in his view is good- suggesting that I'm being assisted with my timing and aim, as opposed to my movement which can't be assisted.

However when looking at the stats of the game and my overall stats, although I have no data for timing, my accuracy is quite low compared to most of the players on the servers.

So although there may be cheats, having played for many years this experience with d1re was the first time I came across someone who I thought was cheating. However the doubt that is now placed on the servers can result in people simply accusing others of cheating left, right and center.
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Re: flaunt Aimbotter

Postby n0ble » 02 Nov 2011, 12:38

movement which can't be assisted.

ahem. Thats not entirely true :P And by that im not saying your movement is assisted, I mean there are plenty of bots/scripts for movement out there.
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Re: flaunt Aimbotter

Postby saturnz » 02 Nov 2011, 14:19

My mistake, I wasn't aware that could be done.

I know you get scripts for rocket jumps which I'm indifferent to but actually navigating the map without knocking door entrances and walls and strafing for max speed I was unaware of.
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Re: flaunt Aimbotter

Postby REDX » 15 Mar 2013, 11:03

Why use scripts, bots, cheats in games? The only one getting getting cheated is yourself because you'll never get better. Why play the game in the first place?
It's like a boxer who chooses a disabled person as their sparing partner...then after knocking them out...celebrates. It takes a certain kind of coward to live with that kind of lie. It's the same kind of people who don't wanna read books and gain knowledge...they just wanna sound smart. The same people who would use date-rape drugs to get laid. The same people who would rather rob you than get a job and make their own way. The same people who always blame their mistakes on others.
Mastering anything not only requires abandoning self-doubt ,self-pity, having unbending self-confidence...but also requires a shit load of practice!! And lots of fails.
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