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CPM records

PostPosted: 19 Mar 2010, 00:05
by n0ble
Think it would be more easily sorted if the threads were labled by either cpm or vq3. anyways, heres a nice quick map ive had for awhile :) you guys prolly have it.

sjt2 - cpm

1st - [5.865] - noble
2nd - [6.638] - Supertramp download/file.php?id=20

Pornstar - Kaine - cpm

1st - [21.153] - noble
2nd -

Bardok - Egypt - cpm

1st - [12.832] - noble
2nd - [12.984] - supertramp

I know im missing some, if i dont add it soonish, msg me.

Bear in mind that players will use or do anything to start the timer with more speed

Re: CPM records

PostPosted: 19 Mar 2010, 01:04
by supertramp
Haha, nice reset. I think the fastest I saw that done was like 0.9xx seconds xD

Anyway heres another way..albeit slower than the jumpad.

(89.04 KiB) Downloaded 273 times

Re: CPM records

PostPosted: 19 Mar 2010, 10:11
by Zion
WRC in VQ3 mode for sjt2 is 6.280 or something stupid

My time for vq3 is 6.9 something

Why you guys doing CPM mode lol. funny though. will give it a try

Re: CPM records

PostPosted: 19 Mar 2010, 10:29
by n0ble
hehe, only did it on cpm so i could maintain some of the speed from the jumppad :) tbh i didnt bother accelerating that time :P

nice one super :D :D forgot about that. You saw someone do it without losing speed? ;o wow
anways,i think i have a way of beating your time :) lemme go try quick :P

Re: CPM records

PostPosted: 19 Mar 2010, 12:38
by n0ble
Well, I could only get 7.000 without funny tricks.

Heres my backwards attempt :P

vq3 [7.8 or so] ^^ ... dsjt2.html