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NDC War Report, [nDc] vs aFm*

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NDC War Report, [nDc] vs aFm*

Postby Disruptor » 26 Apr 2013, 10:32

NDC War Report.
[nDc] vs aFm* Thursday 25th April 2013 21:00.

Disrupt0r, tBone, Nobody and Jeffmess were playing for [nDc]. aFm* were playing, Carnage, Airuze, Cost4 and zk1llz. Map of choice was "Deep Inside" , ospdm5. We were spreading the love hard and fast , and by the 7min mark were leading 56-15. The name of the map with its porn connotation were suiting us very well. aFm* wasn't about to give up and started slowing it down. Final score was 124-82 to [nDc]. The rustiness showed as we were quite appalling to get to quad on time, as well as calling quad.

Second map we jammed Dm6, [nDc]'s team were the same, aFm* swapped Airuze for Narzul. aFm* proved to be worthy competitors and the final score was 175-143 to [nDc]. Unlike the first map, we did well on getting quad, which was a plus.

We were having so much fun, aFm* were keen on receiving some more loving and we decided to play a 3rd map. Hidden Fortress was the map of choice. We were quickly leading again, aFm* started pulling back, and then all of a sudden they were in the lead. 44-32 to aFm* after 5 minutes. zk1lz was going mad like the uber git he is. Shit was about to get real, we needed to regroup. At the 10min mark, it was all square 85-85. It suddenly dawned on me that these aFm* mofo's were not gonna lie down and take it up the bum, they wanted to reverse the rolls! 15min mark it was 126 -126. THE FU%K IS GOING ON HERE!!! It was time to Camp like a Champ! Me and tBone pitched a tent at the LG area. I stacked for quad, 2nd last quadrun was awesome, we pulled it to 160-140 at the 18min mark. Final score 177-154 to [nDc]

All in all it was most enjoyable to get some competitive 4vs4 TDM going again. Adreneline rush, madness, mayhem, frustration, relieve.....

We will mutilate newbies,prisoners of slack ping even just plain happy folk alike.We will go toe to toe with any challenger,regardless.An easy kill is a kill nonetheless and all kills count.
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Re: NDC War Report, [nDc] vs aFm*

Postby xTc.M4nimal » 26 Apr 2013, 10:38

very well done NDC, good to see you back in the Quake scene \o/
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