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nDc-Lube update halfway through the 2014 Telkom DGL

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nDc-Lube update halfway through the 2014 Telkom DGL

Postby Disruptor » 25 Feb 2014, 16:20

An update of team nDc-Lube halfway through the Telkom DGL Quakelive Summer leg.

No.Damn.Clan entered 2 formidable Clan Arena teams into the 2014 Telkom DGL. This report will be about my team's (nDc-Lube) progress so far. Myself and all the senior players (tb0ne, Ph4ntom, Farhaz) decided that we would rather have 2 strong nDc teams than 1 dominating team, and 1 mediocre team. We took this gamble since the DGL season is very long and also because we can shuffle the teams in-between transfer windows. We can also change this when we go into the Winter leg, if we feel it's necessary. Most of the older guys won't know any of these names so I took the liberty of telling you guys a little more about them.
nDc-Lube started the DGL with the following 5 players.
Chris 'Disrupt0r' de Wit (Captain)
Clayton 'Hakt" Fletcher
Gregory "Maverick" Bourke
Herschelle "Hersch" Govender
Richard " Xolox" Tyrrel

Subsitute for week3, Quinton "Stinkhout" Herbst

I've spend 95% of my time on Quakelive playing Clan Arena. I have played 100's of different opponents and 2 players that always stood out for me as the best CA players I've played against are xTc/fnx and rj* Tyler. Since CA is more AIM based than BRAIN based, I always rate players based on
1.) being able to play either aggressive or defensive, depending on the situation,
2.) being able to top score even when you are playing vs a heavily stacked team,
3.) Element of surprise,
4.) being able to clutch rounds vs 3 or 4 opponents,
5.) As an individual can make a difference in a pub game of 6v6, or more.
6.) Consistency
I rate Hakt very highly, I think he has all the above qualities. I rate him as high as the 2 aforementioned players.

A player that's been playing in a clan with me, from more or less when I started Quakelive in 2011. Unfortunately he always had latency issues, but there was always the indication of what could be. End of last year he wrote his final exams, his ping has become stable, and he has become a more regular player. He is more of an aggressive player, dealing damage, defrag type player. Which makes him very unpredictable to the opposition as he can move at vastly insane speeds through maps.

Also one of the players coming a long since 2011. He is a pillar in my team, he has never let me down, always keen on games. More of a defensive player and good at clutching rounds. He is a very good teamplayer. He will always do what the plan is and stick to it, even if it means camping somewhere :D

Also playing for me since 2011. He can play both aggressive or defensive. He is an excellent team player. When I get ganged, which happens a lot, I've noticed that Xolox is always there covering, helping, never afraid to make contact.

Been playing with Quint longer than all the others, since Yogaman(Chameleon) days. He has been in and out of Quake the last 6months, and hasn't really been active. I've put him in my team now during the transfer period for the next 3 weeks. Quint is a natural quaker, so I only have high hopes. Aggressive player, damage dealer.
*update, I had to move Stinkhout out of the team again, he is moving apartments and will be without internet for a while.

We will mutilate newbies,prisoners of slack ping even just plain happy folk alike.We will go toe to toe with any challenger,regardless.An easy kill is a kill nonetheless and all kills count.
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